Ryan Information Services - Definitions

  • The computer and its usage has run through stages. Currently most individuals have the tools on their desktops to create and organize data. The next stage is to Communicate what has been created to those who can make use of it.
  • Concentrating on dealing with your Electronically oriented needs allows us to concentrate on our strength. We can help you implement a marketing plan or design methods for people to contact you. You need to determine what yo ur marketing plan is selling and who you want to contact.
  • We say Helping because we assist you in defining what you want to do and determine the relative costs and benefits of different methods. The final decision is always up to you
  • We feel by saying You this covers the gamut, from one person at home, either for personal use or for home-based businesses to Fraternal and Non-Profit Groups, as well as the large Corporations that everyone envisions when the word is used. The great thing about the Internet is that each of us can present a professional image as long as we remember the needs of the visitor to our site. More Definitions As Required (or the mood suits)

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